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MISSION: Our mission is to help our clients achieve better brain and body performance with sustained results through comprehensive cutting-edge assessments and personalized Neuro Fitness exercises.

When an individual is not experiencing the quality of life they know they could have, we often find root imbalances in the communication between the nervous systems in the body and the brain. Our brains and bodies are meant to work in harmony. When some areas are "out of tune", this can severely disrupt your entire system and quality of life.

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: When issues arise in an individual's relationships, sensory awareness, emotional capacity, or cognition, we seek to understand the imbalances in their neural integration/function. We believe it is critical to assess the underlying root imbalances of a person's neurology when offering treatment for their manifestations (like ADHD, cognitive decline, etc.). You wouldn't let a surgeon perform surgery without a proper diagnostic first, right? The same should be true for your brain. This is the basis for our Functional Neuro Assessment™.

Through our assessment, we aim to identify where the root dysregulations are. After which this informs and guides the therapeutic sequence we offer as treatment. There can be many causes to the same set of symptoms, conditions, or imbalances. If this were not the case, then there would be a magic one-size-fits-all set of treatments for everyone. This is clearly not the case- everyone is different. How can we support a foundational shift toward resetting the neurology and open the gates for brain healing and growth? This question is at the heart of the systems of analyses and the resulting neuro programs we have created:

Functional Neuro Assessment™

Functional Neuro Program™

Functional Hyperbaric Program

Home Program

Sports Program
Elite performance is maximized by accurately assessing and training the systems in the brain and body in charge of coordination, balance, timing, awareness, emotional regulation, and thinking.

Programs & Boarding Schools
We integrate our Functional Neuro Program into boarding schools and therapeutic programs in order to help students and youth, as well as optimize their outcomes for their families.

Home Program
Many clients seek our services because there are not enough adequate resources in their home community. We provide a comprehensive home program with the equipment needed for your therapy and success.

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Dr. Yonce, DC, BCN

After attending the Honors College at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Yonce graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1998, with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Since 2011 he has focused exclusively on advanced training in integrative brain health, qEEG Brain Mapping, neurofeedback, and other leading-edge brain health therapies. Dr. Yonce is board certified in neurofeedback, and he is a certified mentor for the BCIA board certification process and helps to train other practitioners to become board certified in Neurofeedback.


Cameron Allen

With 16 years of experience in the study of neuroimaging and the practice of brain-based interventions, Cameron Allen has researched and co-authored several studies evaluating brain-based interventions for addictions and neurodevelopmental delays. Cameron is passionate about integrating his interest in neurology with brain-based interventions and mindfulness to help individuals better understand their motivations, behavior, and capacity for self-efficacy.

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